Download Pubg Mobile Lite Beta 0.16.0 and Patch Note

Pubg Mobile Lite Beta 0.16.0 Download Link & Patch Note

Pubg Mobile Lite Beta Update is Out.
So Many New Features added and fixed many bugs.

The Biggest feature is Flare Gun. Yes, Flare gun added in Pubg Mobile Lite and Now you can call for a Super AirDrop with level 3 Armor Helmet and Two guns, Aug & AWM, Groza and Mk14.
Cool right. They also added new features to ping enemy. The New Awesome feature to select Pistol when you reload your primary gun. Cherry Blossom Tree and New lobby added.

Download The 0.16.0 Beta- Beta Download Link 

Download The 0.16.0 Beta SERVER 2 - Beta Download Link 

Check out the Patch note of update 0.16.0.

Here Full Patch note of Update 0.16.0 Beta

  1. Flare Gun
  2. New Lobby
  3. Picnic Spot where you can find loot, Sometime Flare gun also
  4. Paint Ball
  5. Career Result
  6. New Places
  7. Classic Mode Changed to Battle Royale
  8. Clan Perks
  9. HD graphic added
  10. Cherry Blossom Tree
  11. New Ping System to Tag for your teammate
  12. New Quick Pistol Change Feature
  13. Bunker added
  14. New Road added
  15. Map UI
  16. The Hindi Language added (Not sure if its added this time or it was already available)
  17. Bug Fixes

Flare Gun

Flare gun added in Both Maps. you can find Flare gun randomly. If you Shoot the Flare gun inside the safe zone you will get a Super airdrop which contains two High tier guns, Aug + AWm or Groza + Mk14 and Level 3 vest & Helmet. If you Shoot outside the safe zone you will get Armored UAZ.

New Lobby

Picnic Spot

Picnic Spot added Near East District where you will get an option to investigate and after investigation, you will get loot & PaintBall. Sometime you will get a flare gun also.

Paint Ball Added

Your outfit color will change if you shoot near your in-game character. If you shoot at the enemy their outfit color will also change.

Career Result

Now you can check your career result and you can also enable or disable whether the others can see your career result or not.

Some New Places added along with Bunker

Bunker added near the east port. You can get some good loot there.
Two or Three entry and exit points available in that bunker.

Battle Royale Mode

Added the battle royale mode where both the maps available to play. Its the same classic mode. They Just changed the Name to BattleRoyale.

New Ping System

New ping system added. Where if you shoot an enemy it will tag automatically that the enemy is there and the character will also say the same. After you Knock the enemy it will also say that the enemy is knocked and also tag where you knocked them. The Tag is visible to your teammate.
Available only in Squad and Duo mode.

Quick pistol change feature

Another best feature added in this update where you will get the option to select the pistol after you finish all your bullet from the primary gun and reload. Even after shooting a few bullets if you click on reload you will get the option to Quick switch to pistol. A small icon will appear on the screen near the shoot icon. If You click there your character will automatically select the pistol and shoot.
This feature will be very helpful in all combat situations.

For more details and gameplay you can check the video.

Thanks for your love and Support.

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