A true love story

A boy who loves a girl very much. And the girl's name is Saumi Sen. The boy wrote very good poems / stories. They were introduced to Facebook one day.
Falls in love Day and night between them, Facebook chatting took place hour after hour. Raj was very fond of Saumi in his mind; The reason? The Saumi king was different from all the other girls. Saumi was a very sweet girl. Raj used to call Soumy a sweetie. One day, Saumi boasted, "Don't call me sweetie." Raj was very troubled to hear this, but did not reveal anything. Over time, Raj and Soumi fell in love.
But Saumi would never understand. Raj was very troubled to hear. Raj stopped going to his office and brought puja to the temple for Saumi. Saumi could not stay that day and explained to Raj that he too loved Raj. But Raj felt like he didn't understand anything. Because ...? Soumy was the only child of his parents. Soumy just barely attended class nine.
Her parents had many dreams about Saumi. Raj Saumi's father did not want to ruin his dream. So the king kept all his troubles in mind. He thought he would get out of this relationship. Never let Soumy know anything. But Saumi could not be without Raj for a moment. Saumi wanted Raj to propose to him. No girl can propose to anyone before. Even today girls are
Ashamed Saumi said that the girls do not cheat in the chest and Raj does not say anything.
It said that their love continued to grow in the stream of time.

One day, the Saumi Raj
He asked:
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- Why do you love me so much?
Raj replied ...
- For some reason I don't know.
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Soumya did not like the answer
And she said
- Don't show me a reason.
- Okay.
Because ..... ????
You look so beautiful,
Smart and attractive.
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Saumi was pleased with his words.
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Then one day Saumi became ill.
To recover
After that his appearance was greatly reduced
And she
It became diseased and weak.
General Chat Chat Lounge Seeing Saumi and Raj

Saumi said ,,,
- Do you still love me?
Raj: No. Now you are beautiful and attractive now
So according to the reason I am no more
To you
Don't love
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Saumi started crying.
Soumya's tears on her soft cheeks
Before it gets to the ground
Raj Saumi's face with his hands
Gently wipe tears
Then the king took hold of his hand and said,
- Now you know,
Love is any reason
Not with
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I love you
Love and live in the future
And that
Without any reason

::::::: 'I' 'MISS' 'YOU' ::::::